PRESTO® Impulse Carbon Fiber Viola Bow
PRESTO® Impulse Carbon Fiber Viola Bow


PRESTO® Impulse Carbon Fiber Viola Bow

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High Performance Bows for High Performance Players

You've worked long and hard to develop your skills and you have a repertoire of advanced techniques. You know what you want to express in your playing. Now, here is the perfect partner that feels your every impulse and responds in-kind. After three years of painstaking development and countless professional trials and tests, the new PRESTO® Impulse is born. Meticulous attention to every detail assures that the PRESTO® Impulse stands ready to accurately reproduce your every nuance, and nothing more. PRESTO® bows are only made with aerospace-grade fibers and resins. The engineering process guarantees longevity by eliminating "creep," a flaw in carbon-fiber manufacture that can warp a bow or diminish camber over time. All bows are thoroughly inspected, meaning only bows with the best craftsmanship are sent to our customers. Splendid tracking ability, superb control and a warm tone allow you to keep your mind, and your heart, on your performance.

When we set out to develop this new bow, we started with a list of "must-haves":
- The bow must feel alive and resilient, just like a fine-quality wood bow
- Weight and balance must be exactly like a traditional bow so that tedious re-learning of bowing techniques would not be necessary
- Each bow must conform to strict manufacturing standards, for consistency; yet, within defined parameters, the blending of carbon resins must be such that a variety of sticks would be made available for audition. In this way, a skilled violist is able to discover the perfect PRESTO® Impulse bow
- Each bow must be fitted and finished by hand, to assure proper operation and hand-feel

Andres Cardenes"The Presto® Impulse bow is remarkable. I was amazed at the response, clarity and tone it produces. This is a serious endorsement from me, as I have always shunned carbon fiber bows due to their lack of an "organic" feel. This bow feels and responds like a first rate bow in many ways. It doesn't produce a buttery tone like a great Pecatte or Simon, but it's the next best thing. Congratulations to Shar on a wonderful achievement."
- Andrés Cárdenes
Learn more about Andrés Cárdenes PRESTO® Impluse endorsement.

Customer Reviews

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WOW I am in love with this bow from the start

When I asked Shar what bow I should go for in a carbon fiber line, they recommended the CodaBow Diamond GX bow. I tried one at a pro violin shop, and was dismayed. It looked well used, from many customers checking it out, but rejecting it. The tone was
rich, but not sufficiently loud. The finish looked surprisingly dull for a bow that was at the very top of its line (until Coda came out with the Marquis). I bought a Fiddlershop Pro viola bow, but was so disappointed with it that I was relieved to send it
back and get my money back. The strings hung loose on the untightened stick, the finish was dull and uneven, and the tone was no better than my Presto Ovation viola bow, which cost less than half the price. I then bought the Presto Impulse, which Shar had
on sale. As soon as I saw it, I felt like I was in love. It is beautiful. The craftsmanship makes me feel like I am holding a very expensive French pernambuco bow. The color of the finish is indeed close to pernambuco, and the finish itself is exquisite. Upon
first use, I found that it was already rosined and ready for use. Immediately... THE TONE. Better than the Fiddlershop pro, the CodaBow Diamond GX, and my Presto Ovation. (All models tested are for the viola. I play both violin and viola, and use a viola bow
for both instruments, the viola bow giving better tone.) The Presto Impulse has a good level of loudness, and seems more lively. It wants to play. It wants to sing. It wants to perform. The weight is 69 grams. Within minutes, I was tearing up the shipping
box. I am not sending this bow back. Note: All bows have variation from one bow to another, even though - in this case - they are carbon fiber. Perhaps you will have different results. I took the chance of simply ordering the bow, without trying out four at
once, which is an option Shar gives.

Addendum to my last recent review

When comparing this bow to my Presto Ovation, I was failing to take into account the rosin used. Since the Impulse came with rosin already applied, I called Presto to find out what rosin they use. They said they apply Bernardel rosin in powder form, with
a cloth, to all bows. All bows are pre-tested. (Shar stated they use their house brand of wood block rosin. But... Presto applied their own, as mentioned.) Then I cleaned the hairs of my Ovation of old rosin with alcohol wipes, allowed to dry, and then applied
Bernardel rosin. The resulting tone was much closer to that of the Impulse. However, I tried both bows again today, without yet more rosin, and the Impulse again beat out the Ovation in tone. The hairs on the Ovation are not even in tension, when the hairs
are loosened. Perhaps this was caused by my cleaning. The Impulse appears excellent in every regard... in hair installation, in finish, in appearance, in the "magic" of playing. I still prefer it over the Ovation.

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