Wolf Forte Primo Violin Shoulder Rest (fits 3/4 - 4/4 size)


Wolf Forte Primo Violin Shoulder Rest (fits 3/4 - 4/4 size)

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All Wolf Forte shoulder rests are adjustable in two directions: Width, to adjust for a variety of different lower bout patterns; Height, to adjust for optimal comfort for the player.

Violin 4/4 and 3/4 size. Rubber padded Primo straight bar. Height and pitch adjustable with screw-on swiveling legs. Height adjustable from 1" to 3-1/4". Width adjusts by slightly bending the legs.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Hed
Padding too small for me.

I appreciate the design, and especially the extensions for the legs. Unfortunately, both the Primo and Secundo Wolf Forte are not comfortable for me, for they have a shorter padding area than other rests I have tried. However many people swear by them!

Joanne Wright
no one will correct their mistake

Ordered one shoulder rest WITH THE HELP OF THEIR STAFF. I received a different rest for a diff instrument. No o e retur s my calls or emails.

Secure, comfortable, durable

"I have been playing with the same Wolf Primo shoulder rest for at least 5 years now, and it is the only shoulder rest (company- the Secondo model fits some students better than the primo) I recommend. Here is why:
SECURE and DURABLE: The rubber grips hold more securely than any other brand (ahem, Kun) and to this day never slip off.
FLEXIBLE: They can be bent and customized for every body shape, jaw angle, collarbone, and body-to-violin angle for the perfect fit. I am petite and therefore need to hold my violin more forward so that I can keep my bow straight at the tip. Standard-shaped shoulder rests force my violin out to the side where I literally cannot reach.
TALL-FRIENDLY: Useful for all heights of violinists, with 2 levels of screw-based height adjustment
MONEY-SAVING: Fitting 3/4 is great for many students as they can buy one and be done with it.
CONVENIENT: They are collapsible, so they can fit in many cases alongside the neck of the instrument."

More height than most Shoulder Rests

I got this Shoulder Rest because I wanted more height on one side of my violin than the other. This rest can be adjusted to maximum height on one side and minimum on the other side. It is very well made and sturdy. The rest also can swing slightly right or left for greater flexibility than other rests.

The best shoulder rest ever!!!

I made the test for different shoulder rests of violin. Only this one make your instrument sounds better, the others were not, sometimes other shoulder rests like a mute made your violin weaker sound. Highly and undoubtedly recommend!!!

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