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Become a Certified Presentation Guru

Take your professional presentation skills to new heights with free, online training from Visme Versity.

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In this course you will learn:

  • How to use visual communication to inform, captivate, inspire or persuade your audience
  • How to structure your presentation in a way that engages your audience
  • How colors, fonts, pictures, online content and videos should be used to increase the impact of your message
  • How to present data, stats and figures in compelling charts and graphs that tell a story

Building presentations is a talent that many of us were never taught, but rather just told to do.

Presentations are often the mechanism we use to get our foot in the door. Whether it be for pitching prospects on your product, convincing your boss on the value of a new project or disseminating important information to a large group of people, knowing how to put together powerful presentations is a skill everyone needs to have in their toolbelt.

At Visme, we want to give everyone the tools they need to create effective presentations that communicate powerful messages.

We used our years of experience and knowledge to create a course that will give people presentation skills that they can use in their jobs and businesses every day.

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What you’ll receive:

Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a Visme Versity certificate of completion.
You’ll also receive a Visme expert badge in your Visme account. This badge gives you early access to new features coming out in Visme.

Visme certificate requirement Course Summary

What’s required:

You’ll be guided through a series of videos, examples and quizzes to help you digest the information. Each section of the course has been designed to give you a well-rounded understanding of the different components of a strong presentation.

A New Way to Think About Presentations

In this section, we’ll cover how presentations have evolved over time, and what we’ve learned about presenting information.

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Crafting Your Message

Here we’ll cover how to craft your message with consideration for things like your audience, your message and the setting it will be presented in.

Designing Like a Pro

Once you’ve got your message crafted, you need the skills to bring it to life. In this section, we cover all the design principles you need to wow your audience.

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Choosing the Perfect Colors

The colors you choose are more important than you may think. We will go over what different colors portray to your audience, and how to make the colors you use work for you instead of against you.

How to Deliver an Unforgettable Presentation

Finally, we’ll wrap it up and give you some final tips and tricks for delivering stunning presentations.

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Presentations for Any Need

Presentations are the background for in-person meetings and now even more for virtual meetings. Having a good presentation sets the stage for so much of the content we produce.

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